Kenny Jahng Reviews Selfie Mirror Sticker

Thanks to Kenny Jahng for checking out Selfie Mirror Sticker and for posting an awesome product review video! See how Selfie Mirror Sticker is helping Kenny and can help you too! Check out his video here. [psssst...he's running a giveaway too!]


Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is a content marketing advisor and communications strategist who helps nonprofit, cause-driven and faith-based organizations / churches. You can connect with Kenny on Twitter @kennyjahng

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Selfie Mirror Sticker Love

Here, There and Everywhere

To date, Selfie Mirror Stickers have been shipped to over 30 countries worldwide. We are very grateful for the support we’ve received from selfie superstars all around the world! We look forward to continue helping all selfie-takers snap that #perfectselfie! Thanks for the love - right back at you!

Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Norway, Portugal, Turkey, Finland, Netherlands, Australia, and United Arab Emirates

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Selfie with the Bestie

It's been a long week so you call up your best friends and hit up town in that new outfit you’ve been eager to put on. You all get to your favourite restaurant and start the night off with a glass of wine. It’s been a while since everyone’s been out together and what perfect way to capture the moment than a selfie with your besties!

Use Selfie Mirror Sticker to help you take that #perfectselfie on your phone. It allows you to use your back camera for better quality photos while also making sure you nail the perfect angle. Try positioning the phone above your faces to avoid the dreaded double chin or have your phone a little closer with a slight head tilt to add that "up-close-and-personal" touch to your pose. If you don't have natural light, use the flash on your camera. A little trick we've learned from the queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian, is to use a white napkin or paper towel under your face to neutralize the flash from your camera. To get an even better selfie, check your surroundings and find a background that will compliment the colour of your outfit. Capture that fun night with your besties with a silly or sexy selfie!

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Selfie Mirror Sticker Giveaway


Post a back-camera-vs-front-camera selfie comparison and get a Selfie Mirror Sticker on us!

You probably already know that the camera on the back of your phone is better than the one on the front. It provides better image quality and enables features like flash, face detection, panorama, and more. What better way to prove that selfies taken with the back camera is better than with a giveaway!

Simply follow us @selfiemirrorsticker and post a side-by-side comparison of a front camera selfie and a back camera selfie. Tag it #backcameraselfie and we'll send you a Selfie Mirror Sticker on us!

And remember to connect with us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

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Taking the Perfect Group Selfie

group selfie

February is the month of love, so let’s spread some and capture those moments with the #perfectselfie! Include those important to you - your best friends, your siblings, your family, or maybe even your pets. Mastering the art of taking an individual selfie is one thing, but being able to take it with more than one person is another level. You not only have to worry about getting the right angle for yourself, but also for others in your photo as well. When taking a group selfie, the person with the longest arm should be taking the photo to make sure that everyone can fit in the shot. The photo will also likely be best taken with the camera being horizontal. Whether you're using natural or artificial light (with Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use your phone camera's flash!), keep in mind that the most flattering photos are taken with light from in front rather than from above or behind. This will make sure you don't get any weird shadows! Finally, if you’re taking a group selfie, be sure to tilt your camera slightly higher to capture your background and to avoid those nasty neck folds!

For a limited time, enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders of Selfie Mirror Sticker! Applicable to all packs, help yourself and your squad take the perfect group selfie!


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Try This for Better Selfies: Rule of Thirds

This is a well-known photography principle that is used by all professional photographers. Most smartphone cameras will have an option to view “gridlines”. These lines break an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 sections. 

The theory is that if you place points of interest in the intersections or along the lines, your photo becomes more balanced and will enable a viewer of the image to interact with it more naturally. You may find from viewing your own images that your eyes generally land on one of the intersection points more naturally rather than the centre of the shot. As with all rules, they can still be broken. The Rule of Thirds may not always apply, but it’s there as a helpful guideline. When taking your next photos, try applying this rule and avoid using a centre focus. You can also apply the Rule of Thirds to selfies!

TRY THIS: For your next selfie, see if you can position your eyes or face at one of the points where the lines intersect. 

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Try This for Better Selfies: Colour

Colours are all around us. It can affect our mood and state of mind in ways we never imagined. With Christmas around the corner and the cold weather upon us, what colours do you notice most around you? Likely colours such as red, green, and brown. Red and brown are considered warm colours that evoke feelings of comfort, love, and security. It stimulates a thought of snuggling up in a blanket and having a hot cup of cocoa while watching your favourite TV show on Netflix.  

Green is considered a cool colour. It’s associated with tranquility and nature. Some of the most amazing photos taken incorporates a number of vibrant cool colours such as green or blue. You can’t deny the beauty of a photo that has deep blue waters, a clear sky, and natural greens all around. It automatically brings a sense of peace to your soul.

Professional photographers like to include a warm colour such as red in their photos. It is a colour that our animalistic nature tends to be drawn most to. Ladies, this is a perfect excuse to put on that red hot lipstick you have just waiting to be shown to the world.

TRY THIS: See if you can incorporate the colour red into your photos and notice the difference it can make. 

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Try This for Better Selfies: Posing

Let’s be honest here, not everyone is a model and knows how to pose in front of a camera. Yup, the struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Posing is just knowing what angles you look best in. You want to choose poses that will highlight your best features while also making you feel confident and sexy. A good pose to try is one that shows off your jawline. Turning your face slightly to the side could make all the difference.

It’s not easy finding the perfect pose, but at least by taking numerous selfies and practicing, you’ll be able to find a few poses that will really flatter you.

TRY THIS: When posing for a selfie, try holding your camera slightly above your head to avoid getting a double-chin.

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Try This for Better Selfies: Lighting

selfie lighting

The correct lighting is one of the most important fundaments to achieving that #perfectselfie. Everyone has their good days where their hair is on point, their skin is glowing, and their outfit is looking sharp, but they struggle with taking a picture to show the world just how good they look. An important thing to keep in mind is to never have your back against the light. You should be facing the light so your photo doesn’t come out dark. The best lighting is natural lighting so if you’re taking the photo at home, try standing by a window and notice the difference it is compared to artificial lighting. If you don’t have the option of natural lighting, angle yourself towards the light in your home and that should also do the trick.

TRY THIS: For the best lighting effect, find a single light source and try different angles to achieve incredible shadows.

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Our Search for the #perfectselfie

Join us in the search for the #perfectselfie! We’re looking far-zoom and wide-angle for the best-of-the-best selfies. Do you think your selfie is the one? Let us know on Instagram! Simply follow us @selfiemirrorsticker and tag #selfiemirrorsticker to enter our weekly giveaway for a chance to win your very own Selfie Mirror Sticker! Enter as many and as often as you like!

Selfie Mirror Sticker is the lo-tech solution to taking the #perfectselfie. It lets you use the camera on the back of your phone to see yourself and your surroundings. Apply it to any device and start taking selfies right the first time.

Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook too!

selfie mirror sticker

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