Use the Camera on the Back of your Phone

Ever wonder why photos taken with the camera on the back of your phone are always better than the ones taken with the one on the front? Well, it’s because it’s a much better camera.

Many of us use the small camera on the front screen for selfies, but this camera was never intended for taking good quality photos - it’s meant more for video chat. Cameras on the back of your phone offer a much better photo and should be the one you use. I want my photos to be “put in the best light” so that’s the one I always want to use! Below is a comparison of the front and back cameras of a selection of popular phones. As you can see, the camera on the back is on average 8x as powerful as the one on the front - some even as much as 20x!


The camera on the front:

cell phones front camera mega pixels


The camera on the back:

cell phones back camera mega pixels


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