Product Review (and Giveaway!) on What Doffy Does

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Debbie, of What Doffy Does, tries out the Selfie Mirror Sticker!

debbie backcamera selfie

See what Debbie thinks of the product in her blog post, Baby Blue Fur + Selfie Mirror Sticker Giveaway. And yes, she's giving away 10 Selfie Mirror Stickers! Find out how you can get one by checking out her blog post. Also, we encourage you to connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr - this girl posts some amazing photos and content!

debbie selfiemirrorsticker cell phone case

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About Debbie

A Vancouver girl who spends her time navigating the worlds of fashion, food, and knowledge. Loves browsing dusty books, sipping good coffee, and enjoying the beautiful moments in life. Check out her blog, What Doffy Does.


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