The “Trelfie” (or Travel Selfie)

Some may consider this to be “high season” for travelling. And with summer a few months away, I’m sure travel is on a lot of people’s minds! More travelling means more photos, and that means more selfies! The travel selfie or “trelfie” isn’t really a newly-coined term, but it does seem to be picking up lately. It’s a great way to share with your friends and followers where you’ve travelled to, particularly with geo-tagging. Whether it’s making your friends jealous of your travels or simply wanting to document where you’ve been, trelfies can be lots of fun!

There are some companies even holding contests for the best trelfie. currently has a contest for the best spring break trelfie, with vacations going to the winners in various categories such as Road Trip and Beach/Pool. Some travel destinations have designated selfie areas like Art in Island in Quezon City, the Philippines, where visitors are encouraged to take selfies in front of three-dimensional artworks, some of which are meant to resemble masterpieces like Van Gogh’s “Church in Auvers-sur-Oise” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa.”

I remember travelling a lot by myself and preferring to take selfies over anything else [read my story]. I didn’t like the idea of handing my precious phone to a stranger to help me take a photo. My phone was my contact list, my map, my photo journal, my emergency communication, my ticket stubs, the list goes on! Letting go of it was just too scary, especially in a foreign location! My photo collection definitely has a lot of trelfies!

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