Where To Stick It?

Wondering where you can use Selfie Mirror Sticker? With its 3M removable adhesive, Selfie Mirror Sticker can be used on any device and never leaves a residue! Here are a few places you can stick it:

On the back of your phone!
Whether it’s from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, LG, Nokia, or Motorola; and running on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile OS, or Blackberry, Selfie Mirror Sticker will work with any mobile device. You probably already know that the camera on the back of your phone is better than the one on the front. It provides better image quality and enables features like flash, face detection, panorama, and more - so why not use it all the time? Selfie Mirror Sticker lets you do exactly that!


On your GoPro!
Videos will be that much better when you can see yourself and your surroundings using a Selfie Mirror Sticker on your video recording device! Put one on your GoPro and always be aware of what you're capturing!


On your point-and-shoot camera!
Remember these? Put a Selfie Mirror Sticker on your point-and-shoot camera or any device and know what you're shooting all the time!


Whichever device you're using - phone, video recorder, or camera - be sure to get a Selfie Mirror Sticker and start taking selfies right the first time!

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