Use your earbuds to take selfies on your phone

Grab your earbuds and start taking selfies - that’s right, you can use your earbuds’ volume-control buttons as a shutter release! Simply plug your earbuds into your phone, set it down, and press the “+” button on your earbuds. Use your earbuds to take group photos or self portraits as you don’t necessarily have to be holding the phone in your hands in order to take a photo. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to physically touch the phone while you’re taking a photo, which is great for reducing camera shake.

You’ll be a selfie pro in no time by using your earbuds and Selfie Mirror Sticker. With Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use the camera on the back of your phone, ensuring the best image quality while making use of functions like flash, face detection, and panorama. You’ll still be able to see yourself and your surroundings - it’s the lo-tech solution to taking the #perfectselfie!

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