Pretty Casual Coco Reviews Selfie Mirror Sticker

Pretty Casual Coco, former NFL cheerleader (now a full-time mom and ever-supportive wife), tells us how excited she is to use Selfie Mirror Sticker! In a new YouTube video (below), she explains how to use the product and how it has helped her take better selfies. She also shows a side-by-side comparison of photos taken with the front camera versus the back camera - it’s pretty astounding! Thanks for the support and keep taking amazing selfies and making great videos!

Pretty Casual Coco admits she's not a make-up artist, but loves playing with and trying out new products, particularly "mixing classic with comfy and chic." She also loves cooking, baking, crocheting, sewing, and DIYs. Be sure to check her out on YouTube and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!



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