Event Selfies

Summer is the time for events: parties, gatherings, festivals, shows - the list goes on! What better way to remember the great time you had at an event than taking a selfie and sharing it with all your friends? Here are a few common reasons to take a selfie when you’re out and about:

To remember where you were and what you were feeling
Create a keepsake of that particular place and emotion with a selfie, all the while being the envy of your followers! Did your favourite band seem like they were playing a song just for you? Take a selfie!

To show off that special outfit
You took the time to pick the perfect attire and grooming for that event, so why not show it off! Whether you’re doing an outfit of the day (#ootd), makeup of the day (#motd), or hairstyle of the day (#hotd), be proud to show off your look.


To capture that special moment
Was it an epic moment when the happy couple came to cheers your table at their wedding or when your team became beer pong champions during a BBQ? Take a selfie and capture that special moment.


To let the world see that good-looking bunch of friends
Sometimes who you’re with is just as important as where you are or what you’re doing, so why not showcase the gang? Take an “usie” (i.e. group selfie) and let the people know who you roll with!


Using the camera on your smartphone or mobile device is the ideal way to capture a photo of yourself to share immediately on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You almost always have your phone, so you might as well use it!

It’s common to take a selfie using the front camera, but why not flip your phone around and use the back camera instead? It’ll take much better quality photos and you can make use of features such as flash, facial recognition, and panorama.

Particularly in dark places (e.g. concerts, nightclubs, outdoor events at night), you’ll need flash for better lighting. Unfortunately, there’s no flash on your front camera, but if you use the back camera, you won't be able to see anything. With Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use the camera on the back of your phone and still be able to see yourself and your surroundings.

Also, remember to use the volume buttons as the shutter - it’s a lot easier to press than the front!

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