Try This for Better Selfies: Colour

Colours are all around us. It can affect our mood and state of mind in ways we never imagined. With Christmas around the corner and the cold weather upon us, what colours do you notice most around you? Likely colours such as red, green, and brown. Red and brown are considered warm colours that evoke feelings of comfort, love, and security. It stimulates a thought of snuggling up in a blanket and having a hot cup of cocoa while watching your favourite TV show on Netflix.  

Green is considered a cool colour. It’s associated with tranquility and nature. Some of the most amazing photos taken incorporates a number of vibrant cool colours such as green or blue. You can’t deny the beauty of a photo that has deep blue waters, a clear sky, and natural greens all around. It automatically brings a sense of peace to your soul.

Professional photographers like to include a warm colour such as red in their photos. It is a colour that our animalistic nature tends to be drawn most to. Ladies, this is a perfect excuse to put on that red hot lipstick you have just waiting to be shown to the world.

TRY THIS: See if you can incorporate the colour red into your photos and notice the difference it can make. 

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