Taking the Perfect Group Selfie

group selfie

February is the month of love, so let’s spread some and capture those moments with the #perfectselfie! Include those important to you - your best friends, your siblings, your family, or maybe even your pets. Mastering the art of taking an individual selfie is one thing, but being able to take it with more than one person is another level. You not only have to worry about getting the right angle for yourself, but also for others in your photo as well. When taking a group selfie, the person with the longest arm should be taking the photo to make sure that everyone can fit in the shot. The photo will also likely be best taken with the camera being horizontal. Whether you're using natural or artificial light (with Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use your phone camera's flash!), keep in mind that the most flattering photos are taken with light from in front rather than from above or behind. This will make sure you don't get any weird shadows! Finally, if you’re taking a group selfie, be sure to tilt your camera slightly higher to capture your background and to avoid those nasty neck folds!

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