Selfie with the Bestie

It's been a long week so you call up your best friends and hit up town in that new outfit you’ve been eager to put on. You all get to your favourite restaurant and start the night off with a glass of wine. It’s been a while since everyone’s been out together and what perfect way to capture the moment than a selfie with your besties!

Use Selfie Mirror Sticker to help you take that #perfectselfie on your phone. It allows you to use your back camera for better quality photos while also making sure you nail the perfect angle. Try positioning the phone above your faces to avoid the dreaded double chin or have your phone a little closer with a slight head tilt to add that "up-close-and-personal" touch to your pose. If you don't have natural light, use the flash on your camera. A little trick we've learned from the queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian, is to use a white napkin or paper towel under your face to neutralize the flash from your camera. To get an even better selfie, check your surroundings and find a background that will compliment the colour of your outfit. Capture that fun night with your besties with a silly or sexy selfie!

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