Event Selfies

Summer is the time for events: parties, gatherings, festivals, shows - the list goes on! What better way to remember the great time you had at an event than taking a selfie and sharing it with all your friends? Here are a few common reasons to take a selfie when you’re out and about:

To remember where you were and what you were feeling
Create a keepsake of that particular place and emotion with a selfie, all the while being the envy of your followers! Did your favourite band seem like they were playing a song just for you? Take a selfie!

To show off that special outfit
You took the time to pick the perfect attire and grooming for that event, so why not show it off! Whether you’re doing an outfit of the day (#ootd), makeup of the day (#motd), or hairstyle of the day (#hotd), be proud to show off your look.


To capture that special moment
Was it an epic moment when the happy couple came to cheers your table at their wedding or when your team became beer pong champions during a BBQ? Take a selfie and capture that special moment.


To let the world see that good-looking bunch of friends
Sometimes who you’re with is just as important as where you are or what you’re doing, so why not showcase the gang? Take an “usie” (i.e. group selfie) and let the people know who you roll with!


Using the camera on your smartphone or mobile device is the ideal way to capture a photo of yourself to share immediately on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You almost always have your phone, so you might as well use it!

It’s common to take a selfie using the front camera, but why not flip your phone around and use the back camera instead? It’ll take much better quality photos and you can make use of features such as flash, facial recognition, and panorama.

Particularly in dark places (e.g. concerts, nightclubs, outdoor events at night), you’ll need flash for better lighting. Unfortunately, there’s no flash on your front camera, but if you use the back camera, you won't be able to see anything. With Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use the camera on the back of your phone and still be able to see yourself and your surroundings.

Also, remember to use the volume buttons as the shutter - it’s a lot easier to press than the front!

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Selfie Mirror Sticker now available at Kimprints in Vancouver, BC

We’re happy to announce that Selfie Mirror Sticker is now available at Kimprints, Vancouver’s custom framing and gift shop. Kimprints has two locations, one in Gastown and one on Denman Street. The wonderful people at Kimprints are incredibly creative custom picture framers. The stores also feature the best selection of interesting gifts, cards and framed or framable art you'll find anywhere in town! And now they carry Selfie Mirror Sticker, so go check them out today! And follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

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Pretty Casual Coco Reviews Selfie Mirror Sticker

Pretty Casual Coco, former NFL cheerleader (now a full-time mom and ever-supportive wife), tells us how excited she is to use Selfie Mirror Sticker! In a new YouTube video (below), she explains how to use the product and how it has helped her take better selfies. She also shows a side-by-side comparison of photos taken with the front camera versus the back camera - it’s pretty astounding! Thanks for the support and keep taking amazing selfies and making great videos!

Pretty Casual Coco admits she's not a make-up artist, but loves playing with and trying out new products, particularly "mixing classic with comfy and chic." She also loves cooking, baking, crocheting, sewing, and DIYs. Be sure to check her out on YouTube and follow her on Twitter and Instagram!



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Use your earbuds to take selfies on your phone

Grab your earbuds and start taking selfies - that’s right, you can use your earbuds’ volume-control buttons as a shutter release! Simply plug your earbuds into your phone, set it down, and press the “+” button on your earbuds. Use your earbuds to take group photos or self portraits as you don’t necessarily have to be holding the phone in your hands in order to take a photo. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to physically touch the phone while you’re taking a photo, which is great for reducing camera shake.

You’ll be a selfie pro in no time by using your earbuds and Selfie Mirror Sticker. With Selfie Mirror Sticker, you can use the camera on the back of your phone, ensuring the best image quality while making use of functions like flash, face detection, and panorama. You’ll still be able to see yourself and your surroundings - it’s the lo-tech solution to taking the #perfectselfie!

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Cut Out + Keep gets crafty with Selfie Mirror Sticker

Cat Morley, craft addict and founder of Cut Out + Keep headquartered in Scotland, fashioned some cute iPhone rabbit ears from pink Sugru mouldable glue and a Selfie Mirror Sticker! Check out her project feature, Animal Ear Selfie Mirror

With an online community of over 100,000 crafters from all around the world, Cut Out + Keep shares over 50,000 tutorials of amazing projects by Cat and many others. They're also holding a giveaway for some Selfie Mirror Stickers so be sure to check them out! 

Thanks for sharing your cool new phone accessory, Cat! It’s cute AND functional - happy selfie-taking! 


About Cut Out + Keep

Cut Out + Keep began as Cat's craft blog in 2003 while she was studying at university in Dundee, Scotland. It was a place for her to share tutorials for the crafts she was making and, after posting over two-hundred projects, boyfriend Tom decided to make things easier by building a system to share step-by-step tutorials in a fast and simple way.


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The “Trelfie” (or Travel Selfie)

Some may consider this to be “high season” for travelling. And with summer a few months away, I’m sure travel is on a lot of people’s minds! More travelling means more photos, and that means more selfies! The travel selfie or “trelfie” isn’t really a newly-coined term, but it does seem to be picking up lately. It’s a great way to share with your friends and followers where you’ve travelled to, particularly with geo-tagging. Whether it’s making your friends jealous of your travels or simply wanting to document where you’ve been, trelfies can be lots of fun!

There are some companies even holding contests for the best trelfie. currently has a contest for the best spring break trelfie, with vacations going to the winners in various categories such as Road Trip and Beach/Pool. Some travel destinations have designated selfie areas like Art in Island in Quezon City, the Philippines, where visitors are encouraged to take selfies in front of three-dimensional artworks, some of which are meant to resemble masterpieces like Van Gogh’s “Church in Auvers-sur-Oise” and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa.”

I remember travelling a lot by myself and preferring to take selfies over anything else [read my story]. I didn’t like the idea of handing my precious phone to a stranger to help me take a photo. My phone was my contact list, my map, my photo journal, my emergency communication, my ticket stubs, the list goes on! Letting go of it was just too scary, especially in a foreign location! My photo collection definitely has a lot of trelfies!

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Where To Stick It?

Wondering where you can use Selfie Mirror Sticker? With its 3M removable adhesive, Selfie Mirror Sticker can be used on any device and never leaves a residue! Here are a few places you can stick it:

On the back of your phone!
Whether it’s from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony, LG, Nokia, or Motorola; and running on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile OS, or Blackberry, Selfie Mirror Sticker will work with any mobile device. You probably already know that the camera on the back of your phone is better than the one on the front. It provides better image quality and enables features like flash, face detection, panorama, and more - so why not use it all the time? Selfie Mirror Sticker lets you do exactly that!


On your GoPro!
Videos will be that much better when you can see yourself and your surroundings using a Selfie Mirror Sticker on your video recording device! Put one on your GoPro and always be aware of what you're capturing!


On your point-and-shoot camera!
Remember these? Put a Selfie Mirror Sticker on your point-and-shoot camera or any device and know what you're shooting all the time!


Whichever device you're using - phone, video recorder, or camera - be sure to get a Selfie Mirror Sticker and start taking selfies right the first time!

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Components of the #perfectselfie

A selfie is a selfie is a selfie. But what separates a good one from a great one, and a great one from the perfect one? Many photographers have long articles on what makes a great picture (like Ken RockwellMichael Hodson, even Kodak has one). If you have the time to study photography - great! However, if you’re like me (a bit about me), you just want better photographs of yourself to post on social media. Here’s my quick list of components that make up the #perfectselfie: lighting, angle, pose, and that something extra.

  • Lighting
    Lighting is the most important aspect of any photograph because it affects the appearance of everything in the photograph. And when you’re photographing yourself, you’re the most important thing! Whether you use front light, side light, or back light, be mindful of what is revealed and concealed. Bright sunlight from the side can enhance wrinkles, but the soft light of a cloudy day can subdue those same wrinkles. If you need to make a dark place brighter, use your flash. Don't like the light on yourself or your background? All you need to do is move the position of your phone!
  • Angles
    Unique angles can add another dimension to your selfie; they can make photographs more interesting to look at. Try taking selfies from above, the side, and from below. I’m sure most of you already know what side works best for you, but I challenge you to find more angles that work (look for 2 more!). Using the same angle repeatedly gets boring fast.
  • Pose
    Similar to working with different angles, different poses or expressions can add further interest to your selfie. You may think that you’re limited to just a few poses when it comes to selfies, but be creative! Don’t use the same pose or facial expression over and over again. How about putting one hand on your hip and looking surprised? Or making a fist and frowning? Have you tried "the look-back"? Humans are naturally wired to analyze faces and body movement, so give’em something to look at!
  • That Something Extra
    Last but not least - that something extra. I think this is what separates a great selfie from the #perfectselfie. You need something special, something unique, something unexpected. This can be an amazing backdrop, a loud colour, an odd pairing of objects, or a bizarre activity. Ask yourself, how easy would it be for someone else to copy this exact same photo; if you say impossible, then you have a winner!

I hope these 4 simple things will help you the next time you take a selfie - and I hope it will be the #perfectselfie! Join our search for the #perfectselfie on Instagram.

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Product Review (and Giveaway!) on What Doffy Does

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, Debbie, of What Doffy Does, tries out the Selfie Mirror Sticker!

debbie backcamera selfie

See what Debbie thinks of the product in her blog post, Baby Blue Fur + Selfie Mirror Sticker Giveaway. And yes, she's giving away 10 Selfie Mirror Stickers! Find out how you can get one by checking out her blog post. Also, we encourage you to connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr - this girl posts some amazing photos and content!

debbie selfiemirrorsticker cell phone case

debbie backcamera selfie photo


About Debbie

A Vancouver girl who spends her time navigating the worlds of fashion, food, and knowledge. Loves browsing dusty books, sipping good coffee, and enjoying the beautiful moments in life. Check out her blog, What Doffy Does.


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Selfie Mirror Sticker now available at VanCell Phone Repair in Vancouver, BC

selfie mirror sticker packaging

We're excited to announce that Selfie Mirror Sticker is now available at VanCell Phone Repair, Vancouver BC's #1 repair shop for cell phone repairs specializing in iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, HTC and all major brands! VanCell Phone Repair operates two stores in Greater Vancouver, one in Vancouver and one in Port Moody. Most repairs are completed while you wait, in one hour or less! While you're there, pick up a Selfie Mirror Sticker and start taking selfies right the first time!

vancell cell phone repair vancouver bc iphone blackberry samsung android nokia motorola htc 

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