Ever try taking a panoramic selfie?

panoramic selfie panorama mirror sticker stanley park vancouver bc

Aside from helping you take better quality selfies, the Selfie Mirror Sticker also enhances other great camera features such as the panorama function. To take a panoramic selfie, simply position yourself on the right or left side of your desired picture, holding the phone with the hand of the side that you want to start with. Position yourself so that your reflection is at the edge of the Selfie Mirror Sticker and slowly turn the camera to capture the panoramic picture. Make sure you stay still while the camera is on you so that your image doesn't turn out blurry. Don't be discouraged if your first few shots don't work out exactly the way you want - taking the perfect panoramic selfie takes practice!

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Use the Camera on the Back of your Phone

Ever wonder why photos taken with the camera on the back of your phone are always better than the ones taken with the one on the front? Well, it’s because it’s a much better camera.

Many of us use the small camera on the front screen for selfies, but this camera was never intended for taking good quality photos - it’s meant more for video chat. Cameras on the back of your phone offer a much better photo and should be the one you use. I want my photos to be “put in the best light” so that’s the one I always want to use! Below is a comparison of the front and back cameras of a selection of popular phones. As you can see, the camera on the back is on average 8x as powerful as the one on the front - some even as much as 20x!


The camera on the front:

cell phones front camera mega pixels


The camera on the back:

cell phones back camera mega pixels


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My Solution for Taking the #perfectselfie

flight attendant selfie photo science world night shot back camera

The Selfie Mirror Sticker project began as an effort to solve my own challenges in taking the #perfectselfie. I needed a solution to use the camera on the back of my mobile phone to take a photo of myself, yet still be able to see how I would look in the photo and my surroundings.

selfie mirror sticker cell phone camera back photo

Working as a flight attendant, I had the opportunity to travel to many exotic places and wanted to somehow document my experiences and share them with my friends on social media. I often traveled alone so taking selfies was my only way of capturing those memories. I didn’t like having to take multiple photos and then having to choose the best one - I just wanted to get it right the first time. Also, handing my precious phone to a stranger to help me take a photo was just a bit too scary for me, especially in an unfamiliar place. The Selfie Mirror Sticker is my lo-tech solution for taking the #perfectselfie - I hope it'll help you too!

selfie mirror sticker camera cell phone mobile

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