The Selfie Mirror Sticker project began as an effort to solve my own challenges in taking the #perfectselfie. I needed a solution to use the camera on the back of my mobile phone to take a photo of myself, yet still be able to see how I would look in the photo and my surroundings.

Working as a flight attendant, I had the opportunity to travel to many exotic places. I wanted to document my experiences and share them with my friends on social media. I often traveled alone so taking selfies was my only way of capturing those memories. Handing my precious phone to a stranger to help me take a photo was just a bit too scary for me, especially in an unfamiliar place. 
Knowing that the camera on the back of my phone was much more powerful than the one on the front (here's why), I wanted to get the best possible photo with as few takes as possible. Selfie Mirror Sticker is my lo-tech solution to taking the #perfectselfie using the camera on the back - I hope it'll help you too!

- Haley

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